I swim for Brunella

July 11th, 2012 – Positano – Brunella with Salvatore

Every man and every woman with disabilities, in every country in the world, has the right to a dignified life.

This is not only to satisfy certain needs, but more so to make sure we fulfil their desire for acceptance and autonomy.

Integration must become an attitude and a culture, and at the same time, lawmakers and government leaders must give their continuing support to this cause.

Today we are here to examine, to discuss and to check the status of the issues concerning disability, from a cultural, institutional, legislative and operational point of view, starting . . . →Continue reading

Swimming in the seas of the globe, The action step

GOMA, The seat of the governorate. Padre Louis NZABANITA, Salvatore CIMMINO, Governatore Julien Paluku KAHONGYA, Padre Generale Raffaele MANDOLESI, Padre Paolo DI NARDO

The DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo) will be the venue of the next stage of “Swimming in the seas of the globe” – April 23-30, region of North Kivu, from Kiumba (on Idwji island) to Goma, 40 km. If this country had the means to exploit its rich resources – gas, oil, diamonds, gold, coltan (colombo and tantalite), and cassiterite (70% of the whole global supply) – due to its perfect geographical location, it would probably be one of the richest and . . . →Continue reading