29 March 2012 0 By salvatore cimmino

Salvatore Cimmino with Bishop T. Kaboy Ruboneka

The response has been enthusiastic. Over 100 people have attended the charity event “A Bridge to Goma.”

The goal was to help me keep a promise made to some great friends, for a better future: fundraising, tools and ideas to satisfy basic needs such as hunger, thirst, education and health.

The testimony of young people and adolescents

His Excellency the Bishop Rev. Teophile Kaboy Ruboneka  was unable to hide
his emotions for the show of affection, of sympathy and of sharing of the difficulties that his country is going through, especially in his home city Goma, the capital of North Kivu. There, corruption, poverty, diseases, and the discomfort caused by the lack of security continue to claim victims  like during the war, which has stopped only two years ago.

Together with the Bishop, I want to thank not just all the people who have attended for the generosity of their donations, but also INAIL (Italian National Institute for Assistance for Injured while Working) for the donation of prosthetic aids and devices; the industrial laundry Lavin Srl., which donated 120 blankets and 120 pairs of sheets to the Center for Mental Health “Tulio Letu”; Roadrunnerfoot engineering in Milan, which is willing to share their knowledge with the Prosthesis Centre “Shirika the Umoja”, and, finally, Emergency, who are willing to share their skills to start, in Goma, a training course for laboratory technicians for the assembly of prostheses devices.

A public very interested

Your solidarity in sharing the project “Swimming the Seas of the Globe, for a world without barriers and borders”, one that originates from the belief that poverty and inequality hinder peace, impacting on the weakest people’s lives, fills me with pride.

Removing inequalities and poverty is a necessity for social development, and this goal must be pursued through dialogue,  as a meeting point where cultures, values ​and people have more dignity.

….. and very attentive

While thanking you once more for your participation, I take this opportunity to invite you on April 3rd at 19.00 to the conference “New technologies for new skills”, which will again take place at the teatro SS Angeli Custodi di Roma, in piazza Sempione, Rome.

See you there!

With affection
Salvatore Cimmino