Solidarity ,  סולידריות  , تضامن , Solidarietà

Solidarity , סולידריות , تضامن , Solidarietà

10 January 2020 0 By salvatore cimmino

Work created by
“Giorgio De Chirico” High School of Art and Communication’s students
Torre Annunziata, Napoli

Disability in our country creates an enormous distance between people. A distance that often turns into discrimination.
For this reason it is necessary to take note of the differences, even deep ones, not to fight them but to defend and
legitimize them, in the same way and conviction with which we tend to legitimize our presence in the world.

Educating also means knowing the different realities around us, discovering and appreciating them precisely by virtue
of their singularity and the possibility of mutual enrichment.

To defeat the marginalization of people with disabilities, it is necessary to demonstrate, inform, raise awareness,
educate public opinion, starting from primary schools so that they become places to promote a new era, a new global
society in which they are respected, without distinction, the human rights of all.

All the best, Salvatore Cimmino