A Swimmer

A Swimmer

22 October 2020 0 By salvatore cimmino

Salvatore Cimmino

There are moments in life where we find ourselves reflecting because there are people who face critical issues with tenacity and conviction, managing to overcome all kinds of barriers with spontaneity.

There are moments where we reflect on why some set themselves distant and reckless goals.

There are times when one wonders why in life some find themselves sacrificing themselves for the common good without asking for anything in return.

There are moments where we reflect on what it can associate, make thousands of men and women alike who make their lives a dream.

I don’t know what it is, but try to imagine a person who for days, months, years in his life tried to give his best by swimming not only with strength and thanks to strength, but with perseverance of mind and heart.

A person who for days months years has talked a lot with himself, imagining a line to follow and a dream to realize.

A person who has set a goal written in the ink of ambition and built on the solid foundations of ideals of equality and equal opportunity.

A person who has managed to erase defeats and disappointments to clear from his mind moments of difficulty that could preclude his purposes and objectives.

A person who is used to winning because he is used to losing ten, one hundred or one thousand times. And every time ready to get up.

A person, like many others, who has not only learned to swim. He didn’t just learn to suffer to make his dreams come true. He simply learned to live.

He is a person who, when he wants to reach a goal, will know that he will have to give it all, work, grit his teeth.

He is a person who will always get up, defeat will not distract him, he will stretch his arms like wings and will always and only think about the reasons that triggered his passions.

He is a person who when he believes he has the world against him will know how to focus on himself, will know how to reason and will be able to find a solution.

Now look around you, try to read the people around you in the eyes, look for who can have the talents of this person.

If you find him too, he will undoubtedly be a swimmer.

Salvatore Cimmino