Those who love rights want them for everyone9

Those who love rights want them for everyone9

17 October 2021 0 By salvatore cimmino

Roma, Circolo Canottiere Aniene
Salvatore Cimmino with a friend and partner
Prof. Francesco Cognetti

For those who have always loved rights, like us, for people with disabilities in Italy, these are dark times.

The pandemic is teaching us that only by teaming up can we defeat it.

Only by teaming up can we recover people made vulnerable by a system responsible for their fragility.

Only by working as a team can we build policies of inclusion and social cohesion to which all people with disabilities (and not only) legitimately aspire, policies that aim to equip each person with the necessary resources in daily life, to develop their ability to fully enjoy all human rights and to promote a culture imbued with human rights values.

Only by teaming up can we build a new welfare capable of making the best use of the results of scientific research in solving critical issues in healthcare, school, mobility and work.

These were the issues that we tackled together from Ventimiglia to Piazza Unità d’Italia in Trieste.

We will continue to face them, with the same passion, in the continuation of the project “Swimming in the seas of the globe, for a world without barriers and without borders”, to support the rights of people with disabilities.

Salvatore Cimmino