I have a dream

9 March 2010 0 By salvatore cimmino


There are 600 millions of disabled people representing 10% of the global world population and
15 % of the European population.
In Italy there are 5 million disabled persons out of which 3million, aged between 6 and 75, are affected by such a high mobility problems which leads them to an almost total isolation.
More than 2 million people are affected of mental problems and thousands of them suffer of very severe forms of this disorder.
Such handicaps whether physical mobility or mental illness, imply an almost total isolation of the disabled person affecting his/her capabilities and possibilities to learn, to communicate, to take care of oneself, to socially interact, to play to work, to avoid danger.
In one word , there are several individuals that are passively watching at life: spectators and not any longer (or never been ) actors.
Technology to-day allows to plan and to treat disabled persons helping them to significantly improve their life conditions.
That’s way we need to act immediately on LEAs, (Existential Levels of Assistance) and on the Tariff Nomenclature, so that all the results achieved through Research Activities may help disabled individuals in regaining dignity and a better life quality.
I have a dream: that is to allow anyone who’s in need of, to benefit from this technology.
I have a dream: that is each single disabled individual won’t be referred to as an ill person.
I have a dream: that is to get rid of thousands of jackals and accommodating doctors who unlawfully grab disabled persons’ rights, negatively impacting and damaging the society.
I have a dream: that is one day my Country will be culturally and psychologically ready to host and integrate disabled individuals.
I have a dream: that is one day in my Country there won’t be any more barriers to disabled individuals: work , dignity, freedom, independence, games, happiness should not be considered as wishes or aspirations but as reality.
I have a dream: that is one day in my Country we will all share progress and welfare, now!!!

As you all well know, I shall not stop from swimming until my dream will become true.

Yours Faithfully
Salvatore Cimmino