For the kind attention of Selex Galileo

14 April 2010 0 By salvatore cimmino

Locandina "A nuoto nei mari del globo"
I would like to thank you from my heart for the contribution which, following the request of the External Relations Director, you have granted me to sustain my swim from the Galilee sea to Kefar Nahum in Ein Gev, an initiative which is part of the project “Swim the seas around the world” and which will take place on May 7th 2010.
I am profoundly grateful that you are participating in this project which is very dear to meand which i intend to dedicate not only to the Circolo Canottieri Aniene and the Fondazione Roma who have been by my side throughout, allowing me to do everything i have done so far, but also to my colleagues who have encouraged me over the past years and given me strenght.
In these last few years, thanks to the comprehension and enthusiasm of my company, i have been able to inform many people who otherwise i would not have know how to reach, of a specific problem, the provision of state of the art prosthetics to amputees. This is a problem which regards more generally the whole world of the disabled, where many endure problems, fatigue and emargination.
I did this by swimming – and i’ m certainly not a swimmer – but i did it thanks to the fact, as often happens in life, with the help of many, it’ s easier to reach objectives, in fact nothing is impossible!
The world of sport has welcomed me with solidarity and interest and through sporting values a project developed which allowed me and still allows me, to share ideas which, as a disabled person, are particularly important to me.
I speak of sharing as i believe that we can only reach the full integration of disabled people with if all civil society participates. All men and women who like me, since birth or due to a subsequent event, findthemselves facing physical of psychological difficulties, live in a state of limbo, waiting to be freed from the cage which imprisons them, blighting their existence. For this reason i believe that we have to intervene with stimulation and reminders. You can’ t eliminate the disability but you can free the potentialities which haven’ t been cancelled.
This is why it’ s so important for us disabled to “be” in the world, to try to make a difference to processes of socialization and integration, to testify to the value of diversity, to fight for our right.
Today, technology in the field of prosthetics has reached amazing results. New appliances allow a quality of life which was impossible up to a few years ago, reducing many problems related to poor posture or incorrect walking.
Unfortunately in Italy, unlike other European countries, these instruments aren’ t provided by the national health service, except in the face of long and complicated bureaucratic battles. The instrument which regulates the provision of prosthetics hasn’ t been updated since 1992 and so doesn’ t take into account fundamental progress obtained in recent years. it’ s a case of cultural short sightedness in a country like Italy which, as far as regulations go, boasts advanced laws and at the level of local institutions, pays a great deal of attention to assistance for the disabled.

The unexpected and very welcome gesture by Selex Galileo, pushes me to continue in my efforts with maximum concentration and dedication, further encouraged by the will to serve my company.
In this spirit, thank you.Salvatore Cimmino