Here we are, give yourself a dream

Here we are, give yourself a dream

18 February 2022 0 By salvatore cimmino

Friday February 25 from 10:00 pm I will meet the students, (and not only), of Giorgio De Chirico high school of art and communication in Torre Annunziata.
Our society needs you, do not miss your precious support.

The cry of people with disabilities in Italy: we exist!

Our country needs a bridge to bridge the enormous distance that separates civil invalidity from invalidity resulting from accidents at work.

Equalization would represent the legislative tool to completely cancel this huge ravine.

Like the injured person at work, the civil invalid must also enjoy the right to access rehabilitation that corresponds to his needs.

Equalization represents the only way to fight rare diseases, cancer, all disabilities: intellectual, mental, physical and cognitive.

I wonder what rights are? I think they are like armor because they protect us; like the judges, because we can appeal to them; like the nature that surrounds us, because they can be violated; like our conscience, because they cannot be destroyed.

Finally, I think that rights are like time, because they value diversity.

Salvatore Cimmino