Equalization of civil disabilities with accidents at work, the new pillar of social policies

Equalization of civil disabilities with accidents at work, the new pillar of social policies

Roma, Circolo Canottieri Aniene
Francesco D’Agostino, Capo segreteria On. Beatrice Lorenzin;
On. Angelo Maria Sanza, Vice Presidente Centro Democratico;
Edward Von Freymann, Presidente Fondazione Gaia; Prof. Antonio Bolognese

In our country, the welfare model increasingly tends to minimize state intervention by delegating the response to the problems of the weak to spontaneous expressions of charity.

Over 10 million people in our country are experiencing the tragedy of disability, who will never make noise, never raise their voices, never make demonstrations. They are those who suffer the most, they are the excluded, the suffering: children with rare diseases, people who are not self-sufficient, people who suffer from severe syndromes. People who will never raise their voices because they lack strength. They are the invisible, that people of suffering humanity who risk sinking into the abyss. The abyss of loneliness and marginality from which neither a bonus nor a monetary transfer will get them out.

Instead, we need a concrete policy called “Equalization of civil disabilities with accidents at work”, that is, not only a loving but also competent action called “Taking charge” that can be carried out together with civil society, Scientific Research and Social Services. It is Research and Services that when they can operate, because they are provided for by public intervention, go to find these silent sufferings and free people and their families from a sad and painful imprisonment.

Taking charge, bridging the enormous distance that separates civil invalids from productive society, taking care must concern the normality of life, family tasks, to prevent discomfort and falling into marginalization. It must look at people and not at social categories and not limit itself to repairing the damage but try to prevent it. To promote well-being because today we are all exposed to the fall into vulnerability. This action of taking charge and caring would constitute, in our country, the pillar of social policies.

If this Proposal became Law, I am sure, many people would be less alone, they would finally be taken in charge, supported in their suffering and brought to light to make them visible. We have an important but non-collectable legislative patrimony. If not now, when will we be able to equip ourselves with the pillar of social policies? With what credibility we speak of school inclusion without support teachers and one in three schools is architecturally inaccessible; With what credibility do we speak of inclusion if only thirteen municipalities out of eight thousand have adopted the plans for the elimination of architectural barriers? With what credibility do we speak of inclusion without the possibility of choosing the treatments and rehabilitation most congenial to us?

I will fight and demonstrate that the political forces will collect the Bill on the equalization of civil disabilities with disabilities resulting from accidents at work. I will fight and demonstrate so that our Republic, (Regions, Provinces, Metropolitan Cities, countries up to the most extreme communities), will recognize and guarantee the inviolable rights of everyone and everywhere; I will fight and demonstrate so that it will remove the physical, economic and social barriers that limit the freedoms and equality of every citizen and everywhere; I will fight and demonstrate that it will protect health and guarantee the treatment and rehabilitation of every person and everywhere.

If our Republic can guarantee 38 billion a year for military spending, I am sure it will also be able to guarantee the health and freedoms of us citizens.

Salvatore Cimmino