The importance of technologies for overcoming barriers

The importance of technologies for overcoming barriers

14 June 2022 0 By salvatore cimmino

Technologies can play an important role as a facilitator in the inclusion process,
supporting people and increasing the chances of integration.

Paraphrasing Law 104 of 1992, article 12 paragraph 4, the exercise of the right of citizenship cannot be prevented by motor, cognitive, intellectual, sensory, psychic difficulties and other difficulties deriving from disabilities related to handicap.

There are over 1 billion people with disabilities in the world. In Italy there are 5 million people with disabilities (8% of the entire population). It is the most vulnerable social group, marginalized and excluded from society: from school to the labor market, and also the most exposed to psychological violence: the daily news sadly returns us, with alarming frequency, news of violence, discrimination and marginalization against damage of people with disabilities.

Disabilities, whether physical-motor or intellectual or cognitive or sensory or psychic, involve a more or less total trespass, with a direct influence on the abilities and possibilities of learning, communication, self-care, social interaction, play, work and the possibility of avoid the dangers.

In a word, there are people who, in fact, are forced to passively watch life, spectators and no longer (or never) actors. Only through a law that equates civil disabilities with accidents at work will it be possible to combat violence, discrimination, marginalization and plan and implement targeted interventions such as to drastically improve the living conditions of a person with disabilities.

This is why it is urgent to intervene as soon as possible on the LEA and the Tariff Nomenclature so that the progress achieved by the research can contribute to restoring dignity and a better quality of life to people with disabilities.

I have a dream, and that is to make these technologies available to all those who need them. I have a dream that one day my country will be culturally and psychologically mature from the point of view of reception and integration.

Leggi e sostieni il (mio) disegno di legge sulla perequazione dell’invalidità civile con gli infortuni sul lavoro:

Salvatore Cimmino