Dear President Hon. Giorgia Meloni

Dear President Hon. Giorgia Meloni

28 October 2022 0 By salvatore cimmino

October 25, 2022 – Rome
Hall of European Parliament flags

Dear President Giorgia Meloni, ours is a truly anomalous nation: it manages to disperse important human resources with ease and guilty indifference.

This reflection comes from encounters that surprised me so much and positively. From reality, (scientific, corporate and associative research), always at the service of the common good, dedicated to the recovery of the life of people wishing to undertake a path in full autonomy, but once this goal has been reached, which is not at all easy or obvious, they will have to face a bitter reality because our nation, its organization, its infrastructures, are totally inadequate. And it should be emphasized that this is not only a structural problem but also and above all a cultural one.

I am convinced that the response to the dramatic suffering that people with disabilities, together with their families, is finding is increasing the opportunities for social mobility: equating accidents in life with accidents at work would create the conditions for entering the world of work, to occupy a house, to attend school with dignity, to get out of invisibility.

Current events require us all to take a step forward: recovering and integrating people with disabilities is not only a moral duty but also and above all an economic one.

In a time of severe crisis, such as the one we are going through, the contribution of the more than 5 million people with disabilities could help address our public debt in a significant way. It is a question of being able to see the potential beyond the limits: a revolutionary process to say the least for a society that wants to call itself civil.

I would like your Government to reflect on this point and for this objective to become a bet for you.

Sure to have made you happy, hoping one day to be able to meet you to involve you in this project, I offer you my best regards and a big good luck to your Government.

Salvatore Cimmino