When actuality causes memories

When actuality causes memories

3 November 2022 0 By salvatore cimmino

Salvatore Cimmino, yesterday

The debate on disabilities, on people deprived of human rights guaranteed by citizenship. On the families, completely abandoned, who go in search of imaginative solutions, in search of a normal life, a place where you can live without dying for a non-existent health, it causes memories and thoughts that cross each other and maybe placed in a corner of the somewhat forgotten memory.

This reality, if it has not been proven in some way, cannot be understood, I fully understand those who cannot understand it. It is a terribly desperate journey. Even today, decades later, after having managed to conquer my own dimension in this society: I have a beautiful family, dear friends, memories and affections, I cannot forget. That journey lives in my memory imprinted like the fire that conditions my life in a conscious and unconscious way.

Why am I telling this? Because even today, every day, in our nation, due to rare and chronic diseases, serious diseases such as cancer, ALS, (and more), cause social exclusion.

Salvatore Cimmino, today

Every day, in our nation, people’s rights are violated due to the architectural, cultural and social barriers that hinder their integration.

The only way to put an end to the violation of human rights is to support scientific research in order to give a name to unknown genetic diseases and to free the new and incredible technologies that from the drawers of the main Research Centers must become the object of programs that make them accessible to humanity.

Lastly, not because it is less important, a law is urgently needed which aims to equate accidents in life with accidents at work, to put an end to the denial of treatment and rehabilitation corresponding to one’s needs.

Salvatore Cimmino