Indifference is a dead end street

Indifference is a dead end street

11 November 2022 0 By salvatore cimmino

More than from marginalization, I suffer from the silence of the world

Love, responsibility and solidarity are precious and indispensable ingredients for freely exercising our rights. Difficult to find when you forget that we are the others, victims of a society that marginalizes everything and everyone, leaving no escape for fragile people.

Few care that the needs in the world are many and not all the same. Nobody cares about those who feel discomfort and are not listened to. Many, too many, think that the difficulty even in moving is something that they will not have to bear.

Indifference is worrying too much for oneself and nothing for others, but also worrying little about oneself. To break down the wall of indifference, it becomes necessary to listen to others, let oneself be questioned, strengthen the social network if we want to defeat the oligarchies and build a supportive, inclusive and supportive society.

There are small and large warriors, such as Francesco, a student of the Bernini De Sanctis Institute in Naples. His parents are super heroes because they don’t surrender to reality, to the absence of the rule of law. With all their strength they oppose the murder of indifference, which kills.

We give a voice to Francis, we give a voice to those who do not have it, to those who can only swallow tears. We support people willing to get involved, to take the field to help the most fragile and therefore weak!

All people are important, of whatever age, cultural and social level they are, they all carry within themselves something to do and to communicate. Let’s make sure they never stay alone.

Fragile people and their families dream of a world where indifference and differences do not exist: the world is everyone’s home.

Salvatore Cimmino