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Words and silence

USSI Awards, Circolo Canottieri Aniene Roma, 17 maggio 2010 Salvatore and Damiano Tommasi Salvatore and Elda Words and silence are two sides of the same coin, one enlightens and gives value to the other. Man was created to relate, he is a being in constant relationships: with himself, with the reality that surrounds him, and…

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Swimming the seas of the world

Tiberias, Israel 1st stage 04 – 09 May 2010 I’m going to tell you about an experience which will remain indellible in my heart. From 4th to 9th of May I shared emotions, joy, tears and moments of prayer with amazing people, people who are fulfilled by working towards the serenity of their neighbours. I…

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Children of a lesser law

( not to foreclose the rights of freedom and autonomy of the disabled person )                         Salvatore Cimmino tra Luca Baldini e Filippo Tassara. Muggia 27 settembre 2009 In our country, the model of welfare tends to reduce any intervention by the State to…

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