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Stop and think, disability is, in our society, a state of personal and social disadvantage where prejudice and stigma lead people with disabilities to physical and emotional isolation, poverty on human relations; the integration problems and poor opportunities of planning resulting in a sort of social rejection.

Stop and think, the person with a disability is rejected in marginality , deprived of every right and opportunity to act according to his desires, needs and abilities.This sad reality appears a clear conception ofb assistance of people with disabilities that makes them second-class citizens .

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Thanks Rotary , a special evening

February 21th, 2014 – Rotary Club Subiaco

I am very honored to be with you this evening: Rotary has a large and important tradition in the world and its objectives are understandable and important.

Here I want to mention your contribution aimed at eradicating polio, together with WHO and UNICEF: thanks to this commendable initiative in recent years the number of new cases of polio has fallen by more than 99 percent compared to the 80s , when the disease affected about 350,000 children a year.
Making available to others one’s own skills, own knowledge and own work defines a special way of life, open, welcoming, attentive to the difficulties and needs of the most diverse situations.

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Disabiltity: The Italian Paradox, disregarded in the Italian Constitution

Disability is a matter of perception. If you can do even one thing right, you need someone

The protection of rights for people with disabilities in Italy is going through a very difficult period, even as we face an ongoing and constant reduction of economic resources urgently calling for strong action in respect to the institutions. It therefore seems necessary to reflect on the current legislation and address the existing programs, with respect to the same, you can achieve rationalization of interventions, services and therefore spending and the subsequent maintenance of the protection of rights that the same laws recognize widely and have consolidated over time.

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

November 3th, 2011 – Aniene Rowing Club

Merry Christmas and happy new year to all those wonderful people who, in recent years, have wanted to fight my battles along with me. especially to those people who due to their disability, are not able to express their feelings, they fail to demonstrate their capabilities and they cannot participate in social life.

United Nations building

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to the United Nations that enhance the global challenges to valorize the differences to overcome inequalities.

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Company University Hospital of Pisa – Interview