A sad anniversary, an unfulfilled priority

A sad anniversary, an unfulfilled priority

12 January 2023 0 By salvatore cimmino
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6 (very long) years after the Decree of the President of the Council of Ministers, (DPCM 12 January 2017), for the definition and updating of the Essential Levels of Assistance and the Tariff Nomenclator, and published in the Official Gazette on 18 March 2017, the prosthetic devices and aids as well as the latest generation of software and digital hearing aids are not yet available for people with disabilities in our nation.

For this reason, I appeal to the new Government and the new Parliament to denounce this serious delay which not only mortifies people with disabilities but also blocks an entire sector which includes retailers and manufacturers, without considering the absurd distance that still exists between science and the world of disability, a world which instead in the interest of our whole nation should be able to take advantage of all the progress deriving from research.

Article 4 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, which our nation was among the first to ratify, states that member states undertake to undertake or promote research and development and to promote the availability and l ‘use of new technologies, mobility aids, devices and assistive technologies adapted to people with disabilities giving priority to the most affordable technologies. Immediately thereafter, again as part of the general obligations undertaken by signatories, member states also undertake to provide persons with disabilities with accessible information on mobility aids, devices and assistive technologies including new technologies as well as other forms of assistance , support services and equipment.

Italy is a nation at the forefront in the field of legislation on disability and it is also in the field of scientific, medical and technological research and yet, in fact, it is still not possible, despite authoritative attempts, to finally guarantee all People with the Disability of access to new technologies, we have not managed to completely break down the architectural barriers and enhance the infrastructures to improve mobility in our cities and, what is absolutely more serious, we have not intervened in all schools to guarantee children and children with disabilities normal access to classrooms.

It hurts me to say this but it always seems that there isn’t enough money to invest, as if it weren’t yet clear that a civilized country has the duty to ensure that all citizens can live with dignity.

Solidarity and Charity do not mean almsgiving. We have been experiencing a great misunderstanding for a long time.
Solidarity and Charity mean expressing Love and Justice for one’s neighbor in deeds; they represent the determination to commit oneself for the good of all because we are all responsible for the good of each one.

Salvatore Cimmino